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Josh Turner The Appointment Generator 2018: The Simplest, Most Effective Way To Generate a Reliable Stream of Prospects & Clients for Your Business.

Remove all the stress and worry of finding new prospects and booking appointments so you can focus on whats really important.

The Appointment Generator is a proven training and coaching program including automation software, for generating a consistent flow of leads, sales appointments and clients. FAST, without spending money on ads, sounding salesy, or slaving away at your computer all day.

What You Will Learn From This Course?

  1. MODULE 1 YOUR FOUNDATION: Prospect faster and more efficiently than the competition by creating your own laser-focused ideal Prospect Profile
  2. MODULE 2 YOUR AUTHORITY LEADERSHIP PLATFORM: Create a compelling name for your group that jumps off the screen, grabs the attention of your ideal prospects, and demands their attention…
  3. MODULE 3 BUILDING YOUR DATABASE OF PROSPECTS: Find hidden gold in LinkedIns advanced people search using our LinkedIn advanced search strategy…
  4. MODULE 4 YOUR MESSAGING MACHINE & EMAIL BLUEPRINT: Maximize your appointments booked with high value target prospects by creating a powerful messaging playbook that allows you to easily send personalized messages that start the relationship right, set you apart from the crowd, and culminate in real action being taken…
  5. MODULE 5 TURNING APPOINTMENTS INTO SALES: Now that you’ve got The Appointment Generator system in place, you’ll be booking appointments in no time! But you’ll want to have a rock-solid approach for handling these appointments, so that you convert them into clients…

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