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AMZ Seller Summit 2018: AMZ Seller Summit is a virtual event during which 20+ experts share their insights and expertise on subjects covering Amazon listing optimization, product launching strategies, external traffic and much more.

What You Will Learn From This Course?

Product and Market Research

Are you wondering why your product is not selling? One of the main reasons Amazon FBA sellers fail is because they do not know how to do product and market research the right way.

They invest a lot of money in the wrong product, list it on Amazon, and everytime they check their Amazon Seller Central app, they see nothing but 0s or negative dollar amounts.

This is discouraging and would scare a lot of new sellers into quitting. But you do not have to be like those sellers. Because there are ways to know exactly what shoppers are buying on Amazon.

Learn the secrets of product and market research during this special session.


Alibaba and the Canton Fair in China come to mind when most sellers think about sourcing products, but there are other effective ways to source that are unknown to many sellers.

Most never heard of the many tradeshows that take place in China every year. Being familiar with these tradeshows and what they can offer could give you an advantage over your competitors.

Learn more about these little-known resources and how they can help your Amazon business.

Product photography

Having great product photos is one of the best ways to turn an Amazon shopper into a buyer.

Photos that look unprofessional could erode the potential buyers trust, but beautiful photos help make customers visualize a positive experience using your product even if several others are selling the exact same thing.

Learn why great photography and photo editing is essential to a great Amazon listing and how it can increase your sales.

And Much & Much More…

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