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Bob Proctor Magic In Your Mind: For more than half a century, Bob Proctor has been the foremost authority in the personal and professional development field.

Bob Proctor has dedicated his adult life to helping a world of individuals realize and act on the greatness they already possess within themselves. He’s widely regarded as the grandfather of personal development, and when it comes to mastering the mind – he is simply the best.

Here’s How This Step By Step, Three-In-One-Coaching Program Works:

  • Each week, you’ll get an audio coaching lesson on one of the six faculties from Bob and Mary. Each session provides in-depth insight into what each faculty is, how you can use it to improve the quality of your life and ways to develop it.
  • Sandy will send you a video lesson and exercise every single day. The daily lessons provide additional insights and specific techniques to take you further toward understanding, developing and actively using each faculty.
  • By the end of each week, you will not only have developed one of your faculties, but you’ll also know when and how to use it in a more effective and rewarding way.

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