[Download] Depesh Mandalia – 7 Figure Facebook Ads Playbook

Depesh Mandalia 7 Figure Facebook Ads Playbook: Ignite Your Testing, Optimisation & Scaling With The 7-figure Facebook Ads Playbook

A Structured Approach To Setting Up Funnels, Testing Audiences & Ads, Optimising Profitability And Scaling Revenue For Ecommerce & Digital Products.

What You Will Learn From 7 Figure Facebook Ads Playbook?

  • How to create and structure an account to help you optimise your results better.
  • My favourite module, on how to get people to stop scrolling, engage and take action from your ads.
  • How to get the best out of your pixel and setting up your insights reporting.
  • A breakdown of audiences to use and at what stage in the funnel to use them.
  • My signature module that’s served me well for so many years, despite the changes within Facebook which teaches you how to test audiences and creatives efficiently without wasting spend.
  • A simple but effective way of running and tracking tests.
  • And Much More…

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