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Dino Gomez Funnel Consultant Society: How to Crush Facebook Ads in 2018 & Add 10k/month To Your Business Fast Even If You’ve Tried before & Failed Horribly.

Funnel Consultant Society gives you the the templates, landing pages, ad copy, and targeting to begin generating leads on demand!

What You Will Learn From This Course?

Module #1: The Fast Track – In this section you’ll learn what types of campaigns to run for new campaigns such as when to run a Traffic campaign vs Engagement Vs Conversion.

Module #2: Basic Targeting – We’ll cover the most common Facebook Advertiser mistakes, targeting you didn’t know existed, ad placement such as should you use the audience network, and more.

Module #3: Advanced Targeting – Begins to show you more strategic advertising options including lookalike audiences, custom audiences, retargeting ads, and engagement campaigns. This is where you learn how to utilize client assets like their email list to get instant results.

Module #4: Types of Facebook ads – Introduces you to the various types of ads you can run from static image, video ads, carousel ads, messenger bots, and leads ads. (MSG bots & Lead ads coming June 2018). You’ll see which types of Facebook ads to run and when.

Module #5: Optimization Tricks – Reveals how to make your Facebook ads convert, how to approach A/B testing correctly, how to write ad copy, and how to optimize your campaigns to get better each day. We’ll cover setting up your Facebook ad “pilot cockpit” so you track your results and more.

Module #6: Client Management – Covers how to use business manager to manage multiple client campaigns from 1 dashboard, how to forward leads to a client, what types of clients and niches to approach, proposals to use, and softwares to manage several clients simultaneously.

Dino Gomez Funnel Consultant Society

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