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Annielytics Dashboard Course

Annie Cushing Annielytics Dashboard Course: Learn To Make Google Analytics Sexy.

What You Will Get From This Course?

  • Course Taught in Plain English: I hate geek speak and assume no prior knowledge of Google Analytics or Excel. I don’t want you to be impressed with MY knowledge; I want to build YOURS.
  • Google Analytics API Experience: Just the word “API” is scary to most non-technical marketers. I take the freak factor out and explain how use it in plain English. (You don’t have to be a programmer.)
  • 16 Hours of Video: This course is seriously comprehensive. I took everything I wish I knew starting out and distilled it into this course. But you have a year to get through it.
  • Data Mashups: One of the API tools I demonstrate allows you to marry data from Google Sheets with your Google Analytics data. I show you how. (Talk about robust data …)
  • 4 Learner Dashboards: These plug-and-play dashboards can be applied with a few clicks to any Google Analytics account, whether your account gets a few dozen or million visits a month.
  • Weekly Office Hours: The Basic membership comes with weekly office hours where members have me to themselves for an hour to ask any marketing-related questions. This feature alone is an $8k+ value.
  • Illustrated Course Workbook: The companion workbook is 142 pages of illustrated guidance and tutorials for quick reference. It’s airy and easy to read with tons of explainer graphics.
  • And Much More…

Annielytics Dashboard Course

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