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Dan Hollings – Proven Product Partnering: The Math Doesn’t Lie. Even An Average Deal Like The Case Study Example Above Can Quickly Lead To Millions. Do This 10 Times And You’ll Make Almost A Million In-your-pocket This Year And Every Year That Follows.

What You Will Learn From The Course:

  • How To Grow & Profit Faster On Amazon While Eliminating The Risk Of Losing Your Single Amazon Account
  • Why This Approach Has Almost Zero Risk
  • Why This Approach Can Make You Far More Money Than Having A Single Seller Account Of Your Own
  • Why It’s Smart Not To Put All Your Eggs In One Basket
  • Exactly Where To Find Partners And Consulting Opportunities With Hot Products To Sell
  • How To Convince Others To Pay You Big Bucks While They Accept All The Risk & Invest All The Capital And Provide You The Inventory
  • How To Leverage Brand, Capital, Customer Lists, Inventory, And Connections
  • How To Weed Out The Losers, The Trouble-makers, Dead-ends
  • How To Close The Deal With Clients
  • How To Structure Agreements For A True Win/win Every Time
  • And Much More…

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