[Download] Grant Ambrose – 0-100K Case Study

Grant Ambrose 0-100K Case Study: Watch me over-the-shoulder as I start a new store and scale it to over 100K/month in 30 days

What You Will Learn From This Course?

SECTION 1: Product Funnel Optimization

In this section, we focus on everything related to optimizing our product funnel and store design. We see trends in our Facebook Ads and then optimize our store based on that data to significantly increase our AOV, add Upsells, increase our Conversion Rate, and evolve our store over time to better sell our product and get ready to convert LOTS of Facebook traffic.

How I found this money-making product

How I knew this was going to be a winning product (the signs you should look for)

How to create the BEST video creative using my exact softwares and format

See me launch my initial ads in Facebook Ads Manager and be PROFITABLE on day 3

See me create our Facebook business page

See me review our Facebook Ads data and make changes to my website which boost our conversion rate

… and MUCH, MUCH more!

SECTION 2: Facebook Ads

Here is everything Facebook Ads related. We do a review of the first 4 weeks – one video for each week and we go through the Ads we launched at each stage, why we launch each type of ad at that point in time. Here, you get to see the progression of going from first testing and validating a product through to scaling it to our Lookalike audiences and our worldwide countries (and how we do it profitably).

Then, I separate each Facebook Ads strategy into its own video lesson so you can easily index it and refer to it when you need. This includes how we scaling some campaigns to THOUSANDS with over 2 x ROAS.

See how I scale Facebook Ads to 11K / Day

See how I set up Retargeting for this product

See how I find highly-profitable audiences using more obscure Lookalike Audiences

See how I scale out worldwide and sell globally PROFITABLY

See how I Scale Up using advanced Facebook Strategies like Bidcap, Target Cost and more bidding strategies (extremely important)

… and MUCH, MUCH more!

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