[Download] JayKay Dowdall – FB Master’s Program 2018

JayKay Dowdall FB Master’s Program 2018: Step-By-Step Training Shows How Marketers Drive TRUCKLOADS of Profitable Traffic From Facebook Every Month – Growing a List of Repeat Customers and Making Over $184+ Every Day of the Year…

What You Will Learn From This Course?

  • How to create the perfect funnel that converts FB traffic like crazy.
  • How to move traffic from Cold, to Warm, to Hot.
  • How to remarket FB traffic to your optin pages, affiliate salespages, and even upsells and high-ticket offers.
  • How to create the 7 most effective Facebook ads.
  • How to optimize any campaign for maximum performance.
  • How to keep Mark Zuckerberg happy and keep his compliance team off your back.
  • How to find the key interests in ANY niche and then cross-sell them together.
  • How to spy on your competitors pages and ethically steal their demographics.
  • How to use the Facebook Pixel to capture custom audiences on autopilot.

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