[Download] Jon Benson – VSL Fast Track 2018

Jon Benson VSL Fast Track 2018: Jon will announce the date and time for this live VSL Fast Track training call where you can ask any question and get specific tips on how to improve your sales and conversions!

What You Will Get From This Course?

  • Jon Benson’s 5-Step Viral VSL Formula that’s pulled in over $1 Billion for products and services using VSLs!
  • Exactly how to use “Viral NLP” to make your VSL go super-viral without spending a penny on traffic!
  • Jon’s Samurai Close: guaranteed to increase conversions by 44% or more!
  • Jon’s “Emphasize X” undercover pitch tactic that virtually commands your prospects to buy!
  • Mastering The Triple Guarantee, and how it can increase sales by 28% or more!
  • See how to Avoid Buyer Friction and get back “free money” lost on your checkout page!

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