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Kyle Sulerud AdWords For Local Businesses: Now you can get a complete step-by-step system for getting more quality leads from AdWords and increasing sales… without paying too much per lead and without paying Google more than you need to.

What You Will Learn From AdWords For Local Businesses

  • How to optimize the performance of your ad extensions. This is perhaps the most overlooked campaign optimization strategy available, but the results can be astounding when done correctly.
  • Crucial remarketing campaign settings and why there are some major differences between the preferred settings for search campaigns and remarketing campaigns.
  • How to make sure your ads stay relevant to whatever people are searching for, WITHOUT writing a different ad for every keyword. In fact, you can set up all the ads in your account in less than 10 minutes by following this easy process.
  • How to know exactly which phone calls are coming from your call extensions. Set this up any differently and you could have no idea how effective your ads are because Google won’t report most of your calls.
  • A technique for brainstorming and planning your remarketing lists. Yes, you need more than just one simple remarketing list! See exactly how to define your lists so your remarketing ads have the biggest impact possible.
  • And Much More…

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