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let’s build a profitable traffic system molly pittman videos

Molly Pittman Profitable Traffic System: Each week for 6 weeks, you’ll complete a new step in the “Profitable Traffic Framework,” and by the time we’re finished you’ll have all the assets you need to roll out your own perpetual Profitable Traffic System.

Get access to more than 20 of Digital Marketer’s proven traffic campaign templates to leverage and deploy in your business.

What You Will Learn From This Course?

Week 1: Core Concepts of Profitable Traffic Part 1

This module will teach you the foundations of how we think about traffic at DigitalMarketer and where it fits into YOUR business. We’ll establish goals and a “language” so that we’re on the same page throughout the workshop. You’ll craft a customer value journey for your business, audit your current marketing assets, and start working on your campaign planning canvas.

Week 2: Core Concepts of Profitable Traffic Part 2

Week two is where we start building the assets you’ll use in your ad campaigns. You’ll use our ad copy templates for cold, warm, and hot ads, we’ll build out targeting specific to your market, and start to conceptualize and create your ad images and videos. You’ll also learn how to build content assets you’ll need to send traffic to.

Week 3: Create Your Acquisition Campaign(s)

Module three is where you’ll get access to the first half of our traffic playbook. This week will focus on plays that help generate interest at the top of your funnel. You’ll select the right plays based off of your business’ current needs and execute on step-by-step instructions for building a high converting ad campaign.

And Much More…

let’s build a profitable traffic system molly pittman videos

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