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Peng Joon The Event Codex: The ‘Event Codex’ Is Exposing The ENTIRE System To Launch, Sell Out, AND Close High-Ticket Products & Services WithOUT Spending More Of Your Money, Doing Any Hard Selling, Or Needing Tons Of Experience!”

What You Will Learn From This Course?

  • Micro Commitments, leveraging little “yes’s” to get them to WANT to show up, every time.
  • Physical Product Welcome Gifts that’ll blow them away with value, virtually demolish ANY signs of buyer’s remorse, AND get them excited as possible to show up for the event.
  • Pre Training, getting them smalls wins BEFORE they show up for the event, so they’re “true believers” by the time they show up.
  • Selling Them the Show Up so you can feel confident your event will be plump full of raving fans, NOT empty seats.
  • Follow Up Video Series to get even ice cold buyers to know, like, and trust you BEFORE they ever meet you.
  • Minimizing Refunds with just ONE message: the right message at the right time.
  • Negotiating with Hotels to get them to actually compete with each other, turning into a bidding war, getting you the BEST possible rates.
  • And Much More…

Peng Joon The Event Codex

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