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Sean Vosler 7 Figure Marketing Copy: The Single Most Valuable Entrepreneurial Skill by Sean Vosler Writing Copy That ACTUALLY SELLS Doesn’t Have To Be A Pain. Let Me Make It As Easy As “FILL IN THE BLANK” For You!

Unlock These Tried, Tested & PROVEN Copywriting Methods:

  • 10+ easy to follow copy methods that you can use right away to boost conversions
  •  Writer’s block killers, includes 3 simple exercises to push you through
  •  Dozens of templates and copy case studies for you to reference while you’re writing
  •  and much more!

A glimpse into what you’re unlocking today…

  • ATTENTION In the first 4 methods I’ll break down several insane ways to brainstorm attention grabbing content that pulls your reader into your orbit.
  • FOCUS One “arm-twisting” strategy to push your readers past / current / future anxieties to the side so they can focus on what you have to say.
  • SOCIAL STRATEGY A caveman strategy you can use to place yourself at the head of the pack when it comes to authority and social proof.
  • CASE STUDY STRAT Simple way to generate case studies to prove your point both logically and emotionally.
  • THE KENDRICK LAMAR COPY RYTHM A 4 step process to transform your everyday boring copy to prophetically profound muses.
  • EGO PATHOS LOGOS The math behind the highest converting copy for the last 100 years broken down into the proven conversion ratios.
  • KNOW LIKE TRUST CHALLENGE CONVERT A detailed look at my high converting email sequence that you can copy/paste into your business.
  • BANNER BLINDNESS BUSTER Key words you can use to take a browser out of their hypnotic state so they can actively pay attention to your message.
  • HUNDREDS OF EXAMPLES I’ve combed through the best of the best examples of what’s working now so you have clear cut examples to pull from.
  • MAKE THEM FALL IN LOVE Writing copy is a lot like dating, I’ll walk you through the seductive yet respectful ways to persuade your readers.
  • HIGH CONVERTING SALES PAGE OUTLINE Simple to follow template built on the back of 100s of split tests, it’s my highest converting page!
  • BETTER EMAIL OPEN RATES Pick the right email subject line to boost opens, along with one trick to add a hidden “sub headline” to any email.
  • OPT-IN RATE OPTIMIZED SQUEEZE PAGE TEMPLATE It’s not always about the percentage that opt in, it’s how many of those turn into buyers!
  • KEEP THEM ON YOUR PAGES LONGER Bounce rates are a good indication of how engaging your content is, boost engagement with specifically engineered questions.
  • FEATURE / BENEFIT CONVERSION TEMPLATE Use this to take your list of features & convert them to high converting benefit bullet points.
  • EMOTION VS. LOGIC – BALANCE GUIDE What’s the right ratio of “emotional copy” vs. “logical copy”? This will help save you from having to guess with a scientific break down of the two ratios.
  • ETHICAL URGENCY & SCARCITY STRATEGIES FOR 2019 Do timers & limited quantities still help conversions? You bet they do… however, it’s important you use them in the right way.
  • STORY GENERATOR TEMPLATE Follow this simple step by step guide to create magnetic and spellbinding stories to captivate and convert your audience.
  • UPDATED GUARANTEE TERMS TO OPTIMIZE CUSTOMER VALUE  Of course you should have a money back guarantee, but you can also use this area as a key conversion point beyond just removing risk.

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