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Wilco De Kreij ConnectIQ Academy: They laughed when I told them I’d make a million from Facebook Ads, until I did. How I “Forced” Facebook To Feed Me 25,626 Customers…

What You Will Learn From This Course?

How to set up your Facebook Ads account (so you won’t get banned).

How to choose the OPTIMAL sales funnel type.

The 8 BIG Facebook advertising mistakes that you MUST avoid.

How to set up your Facebook pixel correctly.

The proper mindset you need to advertise at a profit.

The 5 AD TYPES your campaigns can use… and when to use them.

How creating your ideal “customer avatar” will help boost your sales.

How to determine who your COMPETITORS are targeting.

And Much And Much More…

Wilco De Kreij – ConnectIQ Academy

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