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Customers From Content

Grow and Convert Customers From Content: While we’ve been busy doing everything you’ve just read above, we’ve been testing dozens of content types, promotion techniques and conversion tactics, and we’ve distilled it down to a 6 part system for getting a steady stream of customers through content.

We call it the Customers from Content System and we’ve developed a complete online video course to teach it to you.

What You Will Learn From This Course?

  • We walk you through detailed examples of mirage content vs. high quality content and breakdown the difference.
  • You’ll immediately start understanding what makes good vs. bad content, and your creative wheels start turning.
  • You’ll learn how to narrow down and identify the specific customers for which you should generate content.
  • You’ll learn our process for getting super deep on understanding the pain points of your best customers.
  • You’ll learn the specific user research tactics we use to get customer information.
  • You’ll know what each framework does and when to use it.
  • We’ll dive deep into our “sales funnel” framework so you’ll know when to product bottom, middle, or top of funnel content and what each does.
  • Watch us walk through specific examples and teardown of many content pieces in the lens of each framework.
  • Learn how to research and identify promotion channels so you can use your time most efficiently.
  • Watch Benji screencast through our community content promotion process, teaching you the nooks and crannies of finding and posting in online communities.
  • Learn how to get influencers to share your content without being pushy or sending 100s of spammy emails.
  • And Much More…

Customers From Content

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