Outsource Paradise

Have someone do all the work for you,  while you live your Paradise.

What’s included

  • Outsource paradise
  • Have someone do all the work for you, while you live your paradise
  • Step by step case study showing exactly how to hire someone
  • Even if you have no online business yet, how hiring a va is the best way to start
  • Template you can copy from me for your hiring post to find people
  • How my 1 assistant can work only 15 hours a week can bring in $20,000/month
  • What business models your assistant can do
  • What websites I hire on to find the best people online
  • What country to hire from -very important
  • How to hire at $3 an hour like I do, just one assistant can bring me around 20-30k per month
  • What method to pay with (safest)
  • How to train them, (where you don’t have to train them yourself)
  • How to make sure they are working the hours they say they are
  • Tools I use
  • What business model I use for my assistants
  • And tons more info

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