[Download] James Van Elswyk – Purple Knowledge Lab Live Event

James Van Elswyk Purple Knowledge Lab Live Event: Don’t even think of spending another dollar on Facebook until you learn how to go from guessing to knowing by accessing the “inner Circle” Info of how to get the big money.

What You Will Learn From This Course?

The Geekout Event was DESIGNED in the way I want to learn. NO BS, NO FLUFF, Just learning built for learners and earners. My Plan is simple..

Put 4 really smart “top of the food chain” thought leaders in a mansion for 2 days and just let them talk about the techniques and nuggets they use to “make the magic” a.k.a. make lots of money.

  • The experts will just “go deep” on their passion and areas of expertise
  • They will GeekOut on what they Love and share all the hidden tips and tricks things you can use TODAY
  • They need to Back it up with screenshots and data  Most importantly
  • They ANSWER any DAMN question you have

This is where the hacks, loopholes and tactics get turned in to knowledge Bombs.  We want to put you in this room with the experts and the “game changing” methods they have.

We want you to sit on in a room of 20 people and give you instant personal access to speakers and network with other people like you.

Or ….

You can learn from home on your computer watching it all unfold on a live stream. Let’s do this! Come learn with us. Let’s get smarter together.

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